User Journey Mapping- Going out to buy a burger meal.

Being a passionate UX design student, living in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, I hereby am doing a user journey mapping of the service of “Going out to buy a burger meal” from my home.

Step 1: Selection of a restaurant

In the process of restaurant selection, there are various factors involved among which the google search is the primary factor. Besides that asking for opinions and recommendations from family and friends is inevitable. Mobile applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, etc., also play a major role in the selection of restaurants in terms of menu, location, pricing, ratings, review, etc., There is an advantage in these applications which is, the prices are a bit higher when compared to the store for the same food. After a search, Burger King was finalized.

Step 2: Burger King App

After finalizing the Burger King, the Burger King mobile application was downloaded to check the deals of the day, menu, pricing, offers, combos, etc.,

Step 3: Mode of Transport

Since Burger King is located 15 km away from my house, I chose the car as the mode of transport. It is a highway drive. I refueled my car and started driving on highway towards Burger King.

Since it is a highway drive, I had to cross a toll plaza on the way. If the Burger King premises had been located near the town itself, it would have been better.

Step 4: Entering Burger King premises

While entering the Burger King premises, it has a huge parking area which itself is an eye-catcher. Besides that, it also has a fast charger for electric vehicles.

Step 5: Waiting to place order

After entering the premises, there is a line to place orders. Meantime, it gives the others time to go through the displayed menu. The composition and the hierarchy of the items displayed in the menu are confusing.

Step 6: Placing Order

After waiting for five minutes, then came my turn to place the order. I asked the Burger King employee who was taking my order about the deal of the day, combos, offers, etc., for which he said that they do not have any offers going on due to the pandemic. Then I ordered a Classic Chicken Burger meal from the menu displayed.

Step 7: Payment

Then came the payment phase. I was asked whether I prefer cash payment or card payment for which I chose card payment. When he said the bill amount, I gave my credit card to him. He made the transaction with the help of the Swype machine and handed over the bill to me after which I had to wait for another five minutes to get the delivery.

And finally, I had my happy burger meal!

Complete User Journey Mapping of the service

Thank You!